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Get a fresh start

The best way to get your waterlines back to that fresh, just out-of-the-box condition is to shock them with a solution that removes pesky biofilm build-up. Shocking is a critical first step to your waterline routine. It resets your lines and kills bacteria.

Regular brushing—for your waterlines

Keep biofilm at bay with patient-safe treatments that reduce bacteria growth. Just like teeth, your waterlines need regular attention to ward off harmful bacteria and stay squeaky clean.

Know what is lurking under the surface

Your waterlines are like a sweet oasis for bacteria. Even in new lines, bacteria can form up to 200,000 CFU/mL within 5 days. Great for them—bad for your patients.

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The Proven Protocol to Waterline Maintenance


Shocking is to dental waterlines what a professional dental cleaning is to oral health–it is essential to ensuring major buildup is removed and waterlines remain healthy. This step whips your dental waterlines into shape by using a strong disinfectant (like diluted bleach) to completely rid your lines of contaminants to give them a fresh start every quarter. Check out our complete guide to shocking dental unit waterlines to learn more.


If shocking is like a visit to the dental office, treating is like daily brushing and flossing. To maintain the clean conditions made by shocking, all lines should use treatment products like straws or tablets to reduce and inhibit the re-growth of bacteria. Check out our complete guide to treating dental unit waterlines to learn more.


This essential step helps evaluate the effectiveness of the maintenance efforts. Without testing, there is no way to know that your practice is delivering safe water to every patient. Testing also provides the documentation necessary to protect your practice if an infection is thought to be linked to your office. Check out our complete guide to testing dental unit waterlines to learn more.

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“ProEdge not only has a very easy product with process support, but the customer service is second to none. We had one clinic that continued to fail their water test, despite our efforts to shock and maintain the lines. ProEdge set up multiple calls with us to help troubleshoot and even sent a representative out to our clinic to help us find the source of the issue. They continued to follow up with us over the next year and make sure that we had the support we needed to practice with verifiably clean waterlines.”

Alyssa Aberle, RDH

Dental Hygienist

“Montrose Dental Partners has been working with ProEdge for over 3 years. We love that they can evaluate our samples using FLO and post results in 24 hours. More importantly, when we recently had to move and install equipment, they were able to walk us through the process of proper water testing and correction. The ProEdge team is very competent and responsive if you need to call and ask questions about any results and how to resolve concerns.”

Dr. Peter Amundson


“I love working with ProEdge, they are the experts when it comes to all the ins and outs of dental unit water quality. Everyone at ProEdge has a passion for helping offices pass the test no matter what product they are using. ProEdge is there to take the confusion out of waterlines and get you back to caring for your patients.”

Amanda Hill, RDH

Clinical Education Manager

“​Working with ProEdge has been easy! I appreciate their friendliness, responsiveness, and clear communication. If you are new to waterline management, they are a particularly great resource to get you on the right track! ”

Dr. Sarah Vander Beek


“My favorite part about working with ProEdge is that they provide quality customer care and great educational videos to help train our dental team.”

Nelson Diaz

Office Manager

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