CE Course

The Safe Water Webinar: Three Simple Steps to Safe Water

What you need to know to protect your patients and practice

Dental assistant cleaning a patient's mouth

Course Objectives

You Will Learn

  • How to ensure safe waterlines in your office
  • Why biofilm development is so stubborn and challenging
  • The latest research in waterline treatment protocol efficacy
  • Tips and tricks for efficient and cost-effective waterline maintenance
  • What it takes to be CDC compliant and how to protect your practice

About the Presenters

Carlie frampton headshot

Carlie Frampton, Safe Water Specialist

Carlie is all about setting you up for success with safe water practices. Being only a phone call away, Carlie…

Mike rust headshot

Mike Rust, Regional Sales Manager

With 35 years in dental and more practical experience teaching dental waterline maintenance than anyone in the industry, Mike Rust…

Andrew Nobilini, Marketing Manager

Fresh in the dental space, Andrew is responsible for the ProEdge you see, from the website to the webinar slide…

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