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Who we are

We like to think of ProEdge Dental Water Labs as just the right combination of curious creators, mad scientists, and friendly neighbors. We offer innovative solutions for dental offices to treat (with globally trusted BluTab® and BluTube®) and test (with QuickPass® and Flo Mail-in Test Kits®) their dental unit waterlines to ensure safe water is delivered to 100% of patients 100% of the time.

Why we exist

Aside from creating easy-to-use products, we exist to help educate and support every dental pro on their journey to deliver safe water. It is our goal to pass on the knowledge we've gained from reviewing over 338,000 waterline tests and treating over 34,000,000 DUWLs.

Whether or not your practice uses ProEdge products, we want to help you build a protocol that will ultimately deliver compliant water to your patients without adding stress to your team. If you have questions about waterline maintenance, you are welcome here. We'll gladly work side-by-side with you to build a program that works for your practice.

What we offer

At our core, ProEdge Dental Water Labs is a company dedicated to people. Whether the individual is a dental assistant just starting their career, a dentist who's been around the block more than once, or a compliance manager overseeing a wide-reaching DSO, we believe every dental pro in dentistry should be armed with the knowledge to provide safe, quality care.

It's always been our goal to utilize research-based solutions and exceptional customer service to be at the forefront of infection prevention and infection control in dentistry. So, don't be surprised if you end up on a first-name basis with our Customer Delight team members. We've been known to become more than just another product on the shelf. It's our goal to become an extension of the amazing team you already have. We are here to be the waterline experts that you shouldn't need to be. We'll keep the riveting DUWL stats in our back pocket (unless you have a very specific kind of trivia night), and you continue working to create a great experience for your patients and practice.

Mark and jennifer the founders of proedge dental water labs

Mark & Jennifer

CEO & Owners

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Our commitment

The ProEdge promise

Our purpose is to use knowledge, products, and experiences to deliver 100% safe dental water to 100% of patients.

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100% data-driven

We never award a blue check unless it's the best in the industry

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100% people-first

Our team is entirely customer focused, even if you aren't using our product.

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100% committed to your success

We build systems and protocols to help protect you and your patients.

Our Team

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When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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What is your favorite city you have ever visited and why?

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What is your favorite city you've visited?

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Shelby Broders

"Growing up in Iowa, I loved summertime because I played softball or fished with the family. Ever since moving to Colorado, I've grown to love fall, because the sun still shines bright, but the air is a little crisper. 🙂 "

Shelby Broders

Key Accounts Manager

Andrew Nobilini

"My phones, matches, and flares. I'm about to S.O.S. my way out of there!"

Andrew Nobilini

Marketing manager

Carlie Frampton

"Bangkok, because it is "The Land of Smiles""

Carlie Frampton

Safe Water Specialist

Colton Knepp

"When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I fell in love with astronomy at a young age and still am! Maybe if I get a tiny bit smarter, I can still achieve that goal. "

Colton Knepp

Operations Associate

Hillary Sinclair

"Playing in the snow in the mountains! Snowboarding, snowball fights and enjoying the peaceful scenery."

Hillary Sinclair

Customer Delight Team Manager

Jeff Barber

"Cartegena, Columbia. The vibrancy, beauty and charm "

Jeff Barber

Director of Sales

Kelley Birschbach

"If you want a book that will bring you back to yourself, read Tattoos on the Heart by Greg Boyle."

Kelley Birschbach


Kerry Wall

"I love Austin, TX! Great music, culture, and food mixed with southern hospitality. "

Kerry Wall

Safe Water Specialist

Shelley Fast


Shelley Fast

Safe Water Specialist

Michelle Richey

"Playing pickleball and doing 5K's and outdoor obstacles/terrain races"

Michelle Richey

Warehouse Supervisor

The staff of ProEdge pose with some of their products

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Bold. Empowering. Human.

Here at ProEdge, we specialize in ensuring the safety of dental patients and protecting practices through innovative dental infection control solutions. On the surface, we seem to be a group of people overly obsessed with what grows in dental waterlines, but when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a team that’s all about people. We strive to be an organization that not only helps our customers develop long-term solutions but also supports our people in achieving their potential professionally.