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With dental water testing, accuracy is everything. Our goal is to give you a definitive view of the efficacy of your dental water treatment protocol so you can make informed decisions and ensure patient and practice safety.

That’s why our testing method neutralizes any low-level antimicrobials still present in your water sample vials. This neutralization method for waterline testing has been validated by an independent research lab following ASTM E1054-08 stating the effectiveness of our methods for each treatment product. Find your product below to view our method’s full validation.

Any residual antimicrobial chemical may affect test results by inhibiting bacterial growth during testing… Dental-water samples that contain residual antimicrobial agents should be neutralized to provide accurate results.

John A. Molinari, PhD & Nancy Dewhirst, BS, RDH

What is Neutralization of Residual Germicide?

If a waterline is being treated with a continuous low-level antimicrobial like a tablet, straw, cartridge, or drops, when samples are taken, the antimicrobial agent left in the lines will also be present within the sample. During incubation, whether through a mail-in laboratory test or in-office water test, the antimicrobial continues to fight any bacteria present within the sample and can lead to false-negatives, leaving your practice in the dark.

If you test with a lab or in-office test that does not use validated neutralization methods for your treatment product, it is possible to pass a test when, in fact, the waterlines inside your practice are still above the ≤ 500 CFU/mL standard and unsafe for patient care.

To get the most accurate and actionable results, ProEdge Dental Water Labs neutralizes every sample with a proven neutralizer.

Validated for Every Major Dental Treatment Active Ingredient

ICX Tablets
Patterson Tablets
Z3 Tablets

Dedicated to Gold-Standard Methods

ProEdge is committed to aligning its dental water testing and laboratory methods with the latest microbiology, technology, and best practices to ensure your dental office has reliable results that can assure you of your patient and practice safety.

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