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ProEdge serves dedicated dental professionals by offering assurance with the most trusted waterline testing, expert consultation, and product solutions for your dental practice. We’ve been testing dental water for over 15 years – that’s over 160,000 tests – but more importantly, our dental water experts have helped thousands of practices achieve safe water.

All of that makes us the most experienced dental water testing and treatment lab in the world.





ProEdge Dental Water Labs was originally formed out of the largest dental sterilization monitoring company in the world. While building that company, we realized the growing need for dental waterline testing and treatments. With little help out there, dentists were turning to us for help. So we started offering dental unit waterline testing in 2003 and began to develop the framework we have today.

After years of testing water and seeing the need for products that provided passing results, we added BluTab Dental Unit Waterline Maintenance Tablets and are proud of the fact that it’s trusted across the globe.

Today, our focus is to provide and promote three things: Protection – Assurance – Health. Protection for patients, Assurance for dentists, and Health for our community.

It’s why our water experts will work harder (and friendlier) than anyone else throughout the process. It is why we test and test and test our own products to make sure they’re effective. It’s why we aren’t worried about what treatment you choose, but only that you get to safe water.


Through our 15 years testing water, we have had the opportunity to work with thousands of offices across the globe to help them achieve safe water. So along with all the water science – researching the latest technology, analyzing data, and developing product solutions – we’ve spent thousands of hours on the phone with practices to troubleshoot their water sample failures. Whatever the solution path has looked like, it always has meant working with the office until they achieve and surpass the 500 CFU/mL CDC/ADA standard.

All of these experiences have given us unique insight into why waterline protocols fail, as well as why products fail. We know what works and what doesn’t, and often the solution is quick and simple.

We’re now the most trusted dental water lab in America with well over 100,000 waterline tests processed and BluTab used over 25 million times.

Testing and treatment isn’t always easy, and we’re still learning even after all these years. But we’re up for the challenge!

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