QuickPass® Instructions for Use

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The QuickPass® In-Office Dental Water Test provides a means for simple, microbiological analysis of procedural water for dental treatment. Each QuickPass® provides an estimated heterotrophic plate count to measure compliance with the CDC standard for safe water of ≤500 CFU/mL.

Testing tips:

  • Flush water sources for at least 30 seconds before sampling.
  • Do not touch the white and black gridded membrane filter or the inside of the clear vial casing.
  • Label the vial casing with the sample’s location, device, time, and date.
  • Soak with white grid side facing down!
  • Be sure to read results no later than 72 hours for the most accurate results.

1. Sample

Remove the paddle from the clear vial casing and take a water sample directly from the dental unit, device, or line. Fill up to the vial casing fill line.

2. Soak

Reinsert the paddle firmly into the vial casing and lay it white grid side down for precisely 1 minute to allow the water to soak into the paddle properly.

3. Incubate

After 1 minute, remove the paddle and pour the water into a sink. Once the vial casing is empty, reinsert the paddle and once again lay it white grid side down at room temperature for 48 – 72 hours before reading the results.

Corrective action:

  • 0-200 CFU/mL – Continue to regularly treat and monitor your water quality.
  • 201-500 CFU/mL – In this range, your water passes the CDC standard. However, due to bacteria’s ability to colonize quickly, it is recommended that you shock within one week and then continue your regular treatment and testing protocol.
  • 501 or Above CFU/mL – These lines do not meet the CDC standard for dental unit water quality. These lines should be remediated as soon as possible. Shock your waterlines and retest to verify CDC standards are met. Continue to treat with a low-level antimicrobial product (like a tablet or straw) and contact the ProEdge Team for assistance.

Document your results

ProEdge recommends documenting your QuickPass® results every time you test your waterlines and to maintain your records for at least five years. You can download and print the complimentary QuickPass® Testing Log off our website from the resource library.


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