QuickPass In-Office Testing Log

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This is the form used to document QuickPass® results. When filling this out, be sure to:

Fill out the entire line per test.

If you are a frequent or recurring tester, it can be tempting to breeze through sections, but it is critical to completely fill out each line, every time. That way your team is practicing proper documentation procedures and clearly defining the next steps per test result.

Use consistent naming for operatories.

Your team may call Operatory 1 – Op 1, Green Room, or Jena’s Op but when filling out the log be extra mindful of what you call each operatory. When you go back to test again, you want to use the same naming system for each operatory as before, which helps keeps your documentation nice and tidy. We recommend keeping it simple by using the number naming system (i.e. Op 1, Op 2, Op 3, etc.)

Select “Combined” when combining multiple water samples from the same operatory.

It can be easy to check each device in which you are pooling your sample, but the best practice when it comes to proper documentation of pooled sampling is to simply circle “combined”.

Keep your log in a secure file system for a minimum of 5 years.

It is best practice to keep all waterline maintenance documentation for a minimum of 5 years. This protects your office in the event of an inspection and demonstrates a robust history of proper waterline maintenance and documentation.

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