Dental Waterline Dummy Straw Instructions

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Often mistaken as unnecessary, regular shocking of dental unit waterlines is a vital component of every effective waterline maintenance protocol. It allows for low-level antimicrobial products like straws/cartridges to perform at their best. Follow these instructions to utilize the dummy straw provided by ProEdge Dental Water Labs.

1. Remove your water bottle.

Unscrew your cartridge/straw from the quick-connect fitting.

2. Attach the dummy straw.

You can do this by simply twisting the male quick-connect fitting into the female fitting (about 1/2 turn is all it takes). Trim the length with scissors if necessary.

3. Complete shocking procedure.

After shocking, reattach your cartridge/straw and make a note of the install date.

Remember, dummy straws are reusable! Each dummy straw should be kept and stored for your next shock.

Click below to download "Dental Waterline Dummy Straw Instructions"