Dental Waterline Dummy Straw Instructions

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Often mistaken as unnecessary, regular shocking of dental unit waterlines is a vital component of every effective waterline maintenance protocol. It allows for low-level antimicrobial products like straws/cartridges to perform at their best. Follow these instructions to utilize the dummy straw provided by ProEdge Dental Water Labs.

1. Remove your water bottle.

Unscrew your cartridge/straw from the quick-connect fitting.

2. Attach the dummy straw.

You can do this by simply twisting the male quick-connect fitting into the female fitting (about 1/2 turn is all it takes). Trim the length with scissors if necessary.

3. Complete shocking procedure.

After shocking, reattach your cartridge/straw and make a note of the install date.

Remember, dummy straws are reusable! Each dummy straw should be kept and stored for your next shock.

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