BluTab Instructions

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BluTab® Waterline Maintenance Tablets are formulated specifically for dental unit waterlines. BluTab is designed to be continuously present in your waterlines and helps keep lines clean.

Initial Treatment:

Before starting a treatment program with BluTab, shock lines with a waterline cleaner or another product recommended by the equipment manufacturer to remove line buildup or deposits. When shocking dental unit waterlines, always follow a recognized line shocking/cleaning protocol. Repeat shocking to clean lines every 2 months or more frequently when water quality results indicate. For a list of recommended shock products, call 888.843.3343.

BluTab Instructions:

  1. Place tablet or tablets in an empty dental unit water bottle every time you refill the water. BluTab is intended for use with potable water (including tap or distilled).
    • For 750mL Tablets
      • 700-750mL – 1 Tablet
      • 1.5L – 2 Tablets
      • 2L – 3 Tablets
    • For 2L Tablets
      • 2L – 1 Tablet
      • 4L – 2 Tablets
  2. Fill the bottle with the desired volume of water and connect it to the dental unit. Tablet dissolves in a few minutes.
  3. BluTab may be left in the waterlines overnight and for extended periods of non-use. BluTab has been shown to be effective for up to 28 days. Use water solution until it is expended; or up to 28 days. It is not necessary to purge lines at the end of each day.

Clinical monitoring of water quality can ensure that procedures are performed correctly. Test water quality quarterly to establish the effectiveness of your maintenance program. If water quality results approach or exceed requirements, repeat Initial Treatment.

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