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Aseptic techniques

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Proper aseptic techniques are best practice when sampling your water for testing. Here are two simple steps you can follow when testing your water:


  • Always follow CDC guidelines for instrument sterilization before sampling.
  • Read testing instructions for use (IFU) thoroughly.
  • If testing with a mail-in test kit, freeze the ice pack completely (3 or more hours).
  • Label testing vials and/or submission form corresponding to the sample location, device, time, and date.
  • Perform hand hygiene procedures thoroughly.
  • Put on a new pair of gloves.


  • Wipe contact areas with an antimicrobial wipe and follow manufacturer IFUs for necessary contact time.
  • Just like flushing between patients, flush each line into a sink, cup, or bucket for at least 30 seconds. Stagnant water may contain higher bacteria counts.
  • Keep test vials standing vertical with caps on/paddles in until use.
  • Remove the first vial cap/paddle and keep both the cap/paddle and the vial in hand. Never touch the inside of the vial or the inside of the cap/paddle. Also, keep hands clear of the water flowing from the device.
  • Once the vial is filled to the proper volume, recap or reinsert the paddle promptly to limit exposure.
  • For mail-in test kits, place the vials with the ice pack into the pouch and call FedEx for shipment. Keep vials refrigerated until the carrier arrives. For QuickPass™ in-office paddle tests, place away from light at room temperature and follow incubation and reading IFUs.

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