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A scientific test must be proven, impartial, and reliable. Since the beginning, ProEdge has worked with leading water testing, microbiology, and dental infection control experts to develop the most dependable dental water testing methods available.

And that’s because we know you’re relying on us to provide your practice with accurate and actionable results. We take that responsibility seriously.

After hundreds of thousands of tests and supporting the latest waterline research, we’ve learned how impactful accurate testing can be to a practice’s infection control compliance. ProEdge Dental Water Labs is dedicated to gold-standard testing and laboratory methods that provide the most accurate waterline testing available in dentistry.

Water Testing Methods

R2A Testing Method

 All our tests utilize R2A Agar Hetertrophic Plate Count methods (EPA’s Section 9215C in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition)

Hetertrophic Plate Count – Formerly known as the standard plate count. A culture method for estimating the number of live heterotrophic bacteria in water. (Source: US Environmental Protection Agency. Fed. Regist. 54(124): 27486–27541.)

 R2A is recommended by OSAP (The Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention) in their white paper and recommendations on Dental Unit Water Quality

 R2A is recommended by multiple dental studies & by multiple dental infection control experts (See R2A Agar Testing Method Studies & Research below)

 R2A was required by Orange County Health Department in aftermath of Anaheim, California outbreak.

 ProEdge incubates samples on R2A for 7 days in accordance with the EPA’s Section 9215C in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 23rd Edition. Longer incubation periods, also recommended by OSAP, allow for more accurate plate reading and colony forming unit counts.

Neutralization of Water Samples

Most dental professionals utilize antimicrobials to regularly treat their waterlines

Without neutralization, these antimicrobials destroy bacteria during the incubation process, and lead to inaccurate results

Neutralization nullifies the presence of antimicrobials in water samples (i.e. eliminates the opportunity for further disinfection during incubation)

ProEdge’s neutralization has been validated by a 3rd-party laboratory for all major dental antimicrobials

Sample Vortexing

 During shipment of sample vials to a laboratory, bacteria can settle inside a sample

Vortexing is the process of shaking the vial to create a homogenized sample that avoids over/under measurement of colony forming units

OSAP Recommendations on Waterline Testing

› “When using a laboratory testing service, users should request that water be tested using the most current version of the spread plate R2A agar method (9215C)…”

› “Laboratory testing using standard agar plate test methods can provide more accurate counts than in-office test kits and provide better baseline measures and provide an external validation of in-office monitoring program.”

› “OSAP recommends that periodic monitoring (testing) and inspection should be performed at least monthly on each dental unit or device following installation of treatment devices or initiation of new protocols. If monitoring results indicate that water quality is acceptable for two consecutive monthly cycles, the frequency of testing may be reduced, but should not be less than every three months.”

› Dental Unit Water Quality: Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention White Paper and Recommendations– 2018

R2A Agar Testing Method Studies & Research

› Evaluation of 3 dental unit waterline contamination testing methods: Dr. Nuala Porteous, BDS, MPH, associate professor, Yuyu Sun, PhD, associate professor, and Mr. John Schoolfield, MS, Schoolfield is a consultant biostatistician

› Measuring the Validity of Several Dental Unit Waterline Test Methods and the Effectiveness of Continuous and Intermittent Iodine-Based Cleaner: Presented to the Faculty of The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Department of Community Dentistry In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Certificate in Dental Public Health By Joseph A. Bartoloni, DMD, MPH

› Evaluation of In-Office Dental Unit Waterline Testing: Stephanie S. Momeni, MS, MBA; Nancy Tomlin, RDH; John D. Ruby, DMD, PhD; Ananda P. Dasanayake, BDS, MPH, PhD

Dentistry — Test methods for dental unit waterline biofilm treatment: International Organization for Standardization

Laboratory Quality Checks

Blind Testing

› Laboratory technicians do not know a sample’s customer or treatment information during testing

Positive & Negative Control Checks

Twice per day, ProEdge tests confirmed pass/fail samples to ensures no cross-contamination & equipment functioning properly

Certified Reference Materials

ProEdge utilizes 3rd-party control checks to ensure ProEdge lab testing maintains industry accuracy standards

Three-Level Approval Process for Testing Results

Each test is reviewed and approved by 3 parties (lab tech, lab director, and safe water specialist)

Anonymous Data Reporting

Treatment protocol data is automatically collected and compiled by computer from test results

I really do appreciate your fantastic customer service.  In today's world, I feel that personal touch is often lacking and you have been nothing but very courteous and helpful.

Tim M.

I wanted to check with the experts... Due to your valuable insight and information, we will be maintaining lower bacterial levels by using the combination of a Daily maintenance tablet or drops/and weekly-monthly shocking of the system

Brian S.

I've worked with ProEdge for five years now. Great people, easy to work with, and they offer great products. I'm very impressed with the company overall.

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When I have someone call me with questions about their DUWLs, I often call ProEdge for answers or refer the office directly to ProEdge for help... Being able to rely on ProEdge's expertise has been very valuable.

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You guys are awesome. I think you are playing a huge role in patient safety. Thank goodness I talked to you before we started using the water from our system on patients.

Dr. G

Waterline testing is something every practice should be doing. If they aren't, maybe they don't understand the severity or just don't want the extra step. But we want to go by the book.

Alexis A.

It is All About Patient Safety & Practice Assurance

ProEdge Dental Water Labs did not begin testing dental water to count bacteria. We did it to help practices get the assurance that their waterlines were safe.

That way, they could focus less on waterlines and more on what they do best – taking great care of patients.

This is why we’ve developed simple water test kits and gold-standard testing methods. And it’s how we’ve become the most experienced dental water lab in the world.

Patient Protection. Practice Assurance.

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