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Two-straw system that ensures clean water all year long.

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BluTube comes in the only dual-cartridge system on the market to ensure your water is being treated at the same effectiveness all year. These powerful cartridge dispenses low-level antimicrobial when it detects bacteria–inhibiting potentially harmful biofilm growth.

BluTube’s 2-cartridge system is specifically designed with the latest research in treatment efficacy and specifically engineered for safer patients and better compliance testing results.

  • Dual cartridge system for all-year treatment
  • Low maintenance and minimal training
  • Automatic cartridge change reminder
  • Complimentary dummy straw
  • Maintains water at CDC-compliant standard
Blutube straws on green background

Dual Cartridge System

While many straws and cartridges state that a single unit will effectively fight bacteria growth for an entire year, we see thousands of waterlines fail their tests after using one cartridge for seven months of continuous use. That’s why we send BluTube in pairs, so you can swap your straws after six months to keep your patients, staff, and practice safe.

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Low-Maintenance and Minimal Training

Once installed, BluTube can be managed by even your newest team members. Simply empty your water bottles every night and wipe the straw dry, then start fresh the next day.

Blutube straws with their luers locks, uptake tubes, and automatic indicators

Automatic Cartridge Change Reminder

We don’t believe in leaving safety to chance or even our own memory. So, with your order of BluTube, we’ve included automatic 6-month replacement indicators that show when your BluTube needs to be swapped out for the second cartridge.

Blutube straws with their luers locks, uptake tubes, and automatic indicators

Complimentary Dummy Straw

As you may already know, shocking your lines regularly is essential to keeping biofilm at bay. So we include a dummy straw with your BluTube dual-cartridge system to ensure you can safely and easily shock your lines as recommended.

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