June 13, 2023

Why is testing important?

picture of person filling out water test submission form

Testing is an essential step in waterline maintenance and verifies that your water is safe from bacteria. Where using daily treatments and shocking protect your patients – waterline testing protects your practice and ensures your water is compliant with the CDC guidelines.

Not only does waterline testing confirm that your protocol is working as expected, but it’s also a great indicator that it may be time to shock or tweak something in your protocol. Plus, it’s the only way for regulatory agencies to be certain you’ve done your due diligence by providing proper documentation in the circumstances of an inspection!

Regardless of what waterline treatment method you adopt in your practice, you are spending your resources (both time and money) to keep your patients safe from potential infections. The only way to know for certain that the time you’ve invested in waterline maintenance has led down the yellow brick road to compliance is to test your waterlines. And the only way for regulatory agencies to be certain you’re compliant is to properly document and store verified waterline documentation.

View our Complete Guide to Waterline Testing for more information.

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Publish Date:

June 13, 2023


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