June 13, 2023

What is the ratio for diluted bleach?

The ratio for diluted bleach is going to be dependent on which bleach concentration you have. You may have to review your bleach container to see which bleach concentration you have and then you can follow the instructions below for properly diluting the solution.

For a bleach concentration of 5.25%, dilute the solution 1:9 (1 Part Bleach to 9 Parts Water).

For a bleach concentration of 7%, dilute the solution 1:13 (1 Part Bleach to 13 Parts Water).

The duration of time the bleach water is sitting inside of your waterlines is crucial to effectively shocking with diluted bleach and we recommend letting it sit between 10-15 minutes per shock for the best results. Repeat this process at a minimum of every three months to help ensure your waterlines are clean for your patients! For additional information visit How to shock with Diluted Bleach.

Or, if you have additional questions, talk to our safe water experts at 888-843-3343.

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June 13, 2023


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