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Yes, we help your practice become dental water compliant – and we’re darn good at it, too – but that’s not why we come to work every day. The team at ProEdge Dental Water Labs believes in protecting the welfare of dental professionals and the patients in your care. From start to finish, we assist each dental assistant, dentist, hygenist, or compliance coordinator treat their dental water quickly, effectively, and repeatedly so you can focus on what you do best.

At every turn, we want you to experience our passion to support your passion.

Here’s How Accomplish that for Dental Practices

Laboratory Water Testing Kits

Ready to test your waterlines? You can rely on ProEdge’s gold-standard testing and laboratory methods developed in partnership with leading microbiology and dental infection control experts.

Kits can be customized to your size or if you’d like to take testing off your list, you can sign up for a ProEdge subscription and we’ll automate the training, reminder, and ordering process for your office.

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BluTab® Waterline Maintenance Tablets

Award-winning and one of the most effective waterline maintenance treatments available, BluTab provides a simple and economical solution to the waterline contamination problem.

BluTab has been trusted by top dental practices around the world. Altogether, it’s been used enough to treat water for every patient in the country. That’s the kind of track record you can count on.

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QuickPass™ In-Office Dental Water Test

The brand new QuickPass In-Office Dental Water Test is more reliable, quicker, and easier to read than any other in-office dental water test. The first in-office paddle test designed specifically for dentisty, the QuickPass is compliant with OSAP’s dental water testing recommendations.

Plus, it includes the same customer service you’ve come to appreciate with laboratory testing. Every time you test with QuickPass, you can take advantage of free consultations with ProEdge Water Safety Specialists.

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