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Georgia-Focused Safe Water Webinar: Three Simple Steps to Safe Water

What you need to know to protect your patients and practice in light of the recent GA waterline contamination outbreaks.

Dental assistant cleaning a patient's mouth

Course Objectives

You Will Learn

  • Understand why waterline maintenance is so important to both you and your patient’s safety.
  • Dive into the science behind biofilm and why it is so stubborn and aggressive.
  • Know what it takes to be CDC compliant and how to protect your practice.
  • Learn the 3-step protocol and how to implement it in your office.

About the Presenters

Carlie Frampton, Safe Water Specialist

Carlie is all about setting you up for success with safe water practices. Being only a phone call away, Carlie…

Kellie Thimmes, Compliance Advisor

At her core, Kellie is passionate about helping people. Kellie has always been interested in safety, infection control, and prevention.…

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