Why does BluTube have two straws instead of one?

BluTube boxes include two separate straws, each lasting for 6-months, to supply each operatory for an entire year. The purpose is to ensure that all dental professionals who are using BluTube – are using a product that is completely effective at any given point in the year.  

Why is this important?  

Traditional straws for daily treatments are marketed to last an entire year, and while sometimes this is the case, we have found that a vast majority of straws can in fact run through their low-level antimicrobial much faster than a year depending on water usage or bacteria count! When this occurs, it opens the door for bacteria to work their way back into the unit’s waterlines and can negatively impact testing results.  

What if I don’t use BluTube?

For dental professionals using another straw as a daily treatment, be mindful of your office’s water usage – our recommendation would be to switch out the straw after 9-months of use to be safe