What is a TNTC test result?

TNTC stands for “too numerous to count” which means the bacteria levels are above 90,000 colony-forming units (CFUs). This number is measured through laboratory testing through both FLO and R2A testing methods and means the sample reached a high failure level.  

Failures that reach TNTC are caused by a high concentration of bacteria in your water samples and the best way to counter this is to shock! 

Shocking is the process of running a substantially strong chemical (like diluted bleach, or Liquid Ultra) through your waterlines with the intent of eliminating a mature biofilm. Shocking is the “end all be all” solution to cleanse your dental unit waterlines and create a bacteria-free environment. We would even recommend shocking two to three additional times in a row following a TNTC result as the biofilm will most likely need multiple shock cycles to truly remove it from the waterline. 

To get started on shocking your waterlines we recommend you follow these next steps. For any questions on shocking or how to effectively treat a heavy bacteria build-up, please contact our safe water team directly at 888-843-3343.