What if my QuickPass has green or black spots?

QuickPass testing involves growing bacteria on a nutrient-based pad to visibly measure if your waterlines are below 500 CFUs. It is common after an extended period of time for mold to start developing inside the QuickPass vial due to the combination of stagnant water and nutrients within the pad.  

The good news is mold development does not have any impact on the testing results and is not a response to contaminated water in your waterlines! If there are no red dots on the paddle, even if there is mold growth, your QuickPass test would be a pass. 

For best practices, dental professionals should read test results within a 48–72-hour period after taking your water samples. Evaluating your results after 72 hours may result in inaccurate test data and we would recommend you retest. Mold growth is also much more likely after 72 hours. For best practices, check out our official QuickPass Instruction for Use.