What are the benefits of retrofitting?

Since 2003, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended dental practices install self-contained water bottle systems combined with chemical treatment and routine monitoring of dental unit waterlines.

Retrofitting your dental units and installing water bottles is the most effective way to maintain your dental unit waterlines. Why? Because bottles give you control.

Having water bottles immediately grants access to both shocking and treating the waterlines – which are essential to having compliant testing results! If your office is only connected to city water, you surrender the ability to maintain your waterlines in the event of a failed test result because you cannot effectively shock/treat the unit to create a bacteria-free environment for your patients.  

For this reason alone, it’s incredibly important to get water bottles installed in your units to keep your patients safe and waterlines clean. 

Our recommendation is to go with something that’s easy to install and cost-effective. 

DCI retrofit kits retail for $190.00. You can find them in the parts catalog. You would be able to order it from your service technician at your dental supply company (i.e., Henry Schein, Patterson, etc.) and they would come to install it.

What if you don’t have water bottles?

While there are in-line low-level antimicrobial treatment solutions that can be installed plumbed to municipal water, these alone do not over time and consistently win the battle against bacteria and do not provide an easy access point to initiate a shock treatment. Shock treatments are a necessary part of every effective waterline treatment protocol and the only practical way to shock your waterlines is with water bottle systems.