Is it okay to use diluted bleach on my equipment?

Yes. In our experience, shocking with diluted bleach is a great and cost-effective way to eliminate biofilm and other lingering bacteria!  When in doubt, we recommend referencing your dental unit manufacturer’s instructions for use on how to effectively shock/clean your equipment.

The most important thing is that if you do choose to shock with diluted bleach, is to follow the steps carefully. We often see first-time shockers leave the solution in the lines for too long or forget to dilute the bleach with water prior to flushing them in the lines, each step is important. If you’d like to check out our how-to video on how to shock, you can head over to our resource library here.

Or if you need a hand in figuring out what to do – our Safe Water Team has your back. You can reach our team directly at 888-843-3343 for more information!