How do I read my QuickPass results?

Each QuickPass test comes with a summary chart that illustrates what how to check if your paddle is a pass or fail. The more red specks that appear on your test, the more colony forming units (CFUs) you have in your water sample – the test is considered a fail when the CFU count is greater than or equal to 500 CFUs. The best way to measure your results is to take your paddle within the 48–72-hour window and measure it against the QuickPass instructions for use diagram under the “understanding your reports” section.

If you have misplaced the IFU sheet, you can view the PDF version at QuickPass® Instructions for Use – ProEdge Dental Water Labs. The diagram can be found at the bottom of the PDF and should look similar to the image below:

If your QuickPass test fails, we strongly recommend re-shocking your lines with a strong product like Diluted Bleach or Liquid Ultra. You can also email us pictures of your QuickPass test at if you need help determining the results of your test.