Why is treating necessary?

Treating your waterlines play a crucial role in having clean waterlines as daily treatments aid in preventing new bacteria growth.  

Daily treatments release a low-level antimicrobial into dental waterlines with the hope of keeping nasty and unwanted bacteria from progressing into a full-fledged biofilm. These treatments typically come in the form of a tablet or straw and are meant to be used daily while working with patients.   

Think of treating your water like the “daily brushing” you do in the morning and at night – even though it may not be as effective as a routine professional dental cleaning – it’s still necessary for good hygiene. This is the same concept with your dental waterlines and bacteria prevention. 

While daily treatments are a piece of the puzzle in waterline maintenance, using them alone will not get the job done. To build the perfect protocol, our safe water team recommends following the Three Steps to Safe Water where we outline shocking, treating, and testing to ensure safe water for both your practice and your patients.