Can I send a mail-in test kit on a Friday?

Unfortunately, not.

Our laboratory is closed on the weekends and if you send in an overnight test (FLO, or R2A) on a Friday – the samples will not be collected until we get back to the office on Monday.  

This extended period can negatively impact the results and create an inaccurate testing report for your office which is why it is important to get your testing samples to our office anytime Monday-Thursday.  

Our safe water team recommends waiting if you are in a position where you can either test on a Friday or wait until Monday. This will ensure your office gets accurate test results and will eliminate the need to retest.  

What if I send my samples in on a Friday or a Holiday?

We recommend you retest for the most accurate results. Of course, if this does happen, you are not the only one! Just reach out to our team and we’ll help you with next steps.