The ProEdge Dashboard Resource Center

FAQ's about the ProEdge Dashboard

When you test with us, our team will send you an email to setup your account. You can also call our team (888.843.3343) and ask to be setup as a user on the dashboard. If you have an admin on the account, they can also give you access to the dashboard.

Users can see all the practice information, profile information and test results for their practice, but cannot edit any of that information. In addition to being able to see everything a user can, and Admin can edit practice information and add, edit, and deactivate users on the account.

Reach out to our team at (888.843.3343).

Yes, there can be multiple users and admins within the same office. Each user will be able to create a unique username and password that allows them to access their account.

Once your results are ready our team will send you an email with a link to login to your dashboard where you can view your online results.

Once you are on the dashboard, select the report you want to print. From there, select the “download” button. You will receive a PDF of your results directly to your email within 1-5 minutes.

Our dashboard uses a similar security system to any online account like Amazon, Google, or Apple.

Not yet, our team pulls that information from what is on the submission form we receive.

Your pass rate is based on the number of passed lines divided by total lines tested. If you received a single fail in your report, the pass/fail notifier will show “fail”. Don’t let that discourage you! This is meant as a simple notification to let you know that there is a line in the report that needs remediation.