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Whether you rely on our team all the time or this is your first visit, we want you to know it’s our goal to provide resources to support the health of your practice, patients, and community. After all, working together for collective safety has never been more important.

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COVID-19 Guidance & Support:

Updated September 23, 2020
Waterline Treatment Protocol for Reopening after COVID19

COVID19 has created the perfect storm for biofilm development within your waterlines. Take these necessary steps before reopening to ensure CDC compliance and safe dental unit water quality.

ProEdge Reopen DUWL Protocol

Updated August 4, 2020
CDC Guidance for Dental Settings

“After a period of non-use, dental equipment may require maintenance and/or repair. Review the manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU) for office closure, period of non-use, and reopening for all equipment and devices.” – Centers for Disease Control

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ADA State by State COVID19 Mandates for Dentistry
ADA State by State Mandates on Elective Procedures

The ADA is updating daily the state by state mandates for dental care so you can know the latest guidance. Plus they have several other resources to help your practice thrive through and after COVID19.

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention:

OSAP is making their member’s only section available to every dental professional – free of charge. These resources can help your practice put infection prevention at the top of the list for reasons a patient chooses your office over the office down the street.

Complimentary Live Webinars


Led by Kellie Thimmes, BS, Senior Consultant & Education Specialist

A former nurse and fan-favorite, Kellie Thimmes knows just how important infection control is to patients and dental healthcare professionals. You’ll come away armed with best practices and practical tips in waterline maintenance.


Learning Objectives:
  • Learn exactly how COVID19 shutdowns impacted dental waterlines and what to do about it
  • Arm you with the knowledge to become efficient and effective in waterline maintenance
  • Let you know how much we appreciate all you do!

1 Live CE in infection control will be available via CE Zoom.

This webinar is free of charge.


Micro Compliance Conversations with Mike Rust

Missed the Webinar?

Two Infection Control CE Available Through CDE World

Free E-Book: Dental Water Testing & Treatment

Access the latest research on dental unit waterline from infection control experts, Nancy Dewhirst, RDH, BS and John A. Molinari, PhD. They’ll help you understand how different maintenance protocols perform and give you foundational principles to develop the best protocol for your practice.

On page 20, access the CE Quiz and click the link.

We Want to be Your Safe Water Partner

We know you didn’t get into dentistry to clean waterlines, but we did. Our team is here to help you tackle waterline treatment so that you can continue doing what you do best.

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Learn More about Waterline Safety:

You want a treatment protocol that’s efficient, but you also need it to actually work. We’ve compiled data from over 150,000 tests to help you know what’s backed by science and proven in practice.

Treatment Product Selection Guide

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