Find ProEdge Dental Water Labs at Booth 4406 this week at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting February 21-23. We’ll be celebrating all the progress made in waterline maintenance this year and the launch of the new QuickPassTM In-Office Dental Water Test – the only in-office water test designed specifically for the dental industry.

Check out the freebies below and visit the the team at ProEdge at Chicago and get your questions answered from your waterline partner!


Free Sample QuickPassTM In-Office Dental Water Test – PreRegister for Launch

Come by Booth 4406 to pre-register for a free in-office water test sample when it launches in April.

  • The Only In-Office Test Designed Specifically for Dentistry
  • Advanced Neutralization Formula Within Paddle for Most Accurate Results
  • Quick Growth Media for 72 Hour Results
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • Free Consultations & Resources


2 Free Vials with the Purchase of a Waterline Testing Kit

Purchase any ProEdge mail-in water test kit with at least 4 vials or Quarterly Subscription and we will give your team two free vials ($42 value!). Visit the booth to purchase!

Each water test kit is complete and includes everything you need to test.

  • Free Consultations
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions
  • 3rd Party Laboratory Validation is Extra Layer of Protection
  • Gold-Standard Testing and Laboratory Methods
  • Free Best Practices Resources
  • Express Kits Include FREE return shipping!

More about ProEdge Dental Water Labs

See You in Chicago at Booth 4406!
“As an Infection Control Coordinator, I highly recommend ProEdge water lab to any dental faculty. Our office uses ProEdge Dental Water Labs repeatedly to ensure we maintain safe water for our patients. Kellie and staff are professional and alway available to answer any questions and guidance. ProEdge products and service are top notch.”

Luciana M., Infection Control Coordinator, Wheaton, IL

About ProEdge Dental Water Labs: Helping Protect Patients & Practices 

ProEdge Dental Water Labs was originally formed out of the largest dental sterilization monitoring company in the world. While supporting those needs, dentists were turning to us for help with their waterlines. With little help out there, we started offering dental unit waterline testing in 2003 and began to develop the framework we have today.

Today, our focus is to provide and promote three things: Protection – Assurance – Health. Protection for patients, Assurance for dental professionals, and Health for our community.

It’s why our water experts will work harder (and friendlier) than anyone else throughout the process. It is why we test and test and test our own products to make sure they’re effective.

And it’s why we do not try and sell you on any particular treatment, but simply help you get better results with whatever products you’re using. 


It might surprise you to know that 31% of treated waterlines fail to meet the CDC standard of ≤500 CFU/mL. Waterline maintenance is a relatively new science, products aren’t perfect, and people can make mistakes.

But with a dental water lab partner, you have a team with over 15 years experience ready to help your practice get the best results every time.

Below are statistics from a clinic on the west coast and one on the east coast. With an improved protocol, consistent testing, and some guidance from ProEdge consultations, practices can experience significantly improvement in results and patient safety.

Now, each clinic passes their waterline tests over 99% of the time.