@ease Personalized X-ray Monitoring Badges

Let your staff know they are safe from radiation with these personalized X-Ray badges, which measure exposure at 3 tissue levels, and include quick reports from an accredited laboratory. Quarterly reports are updated for the current wear period, plus your YTD and lifetime history.

One super-low price includes everything: free control badges, automatic replacement badge shipments, online reports, with no hidden fees for set-up, or changes. Assurance of a safe workplace, and savings of 20%-35% over the leading brand.

Inside each attractive badge is a dosimeter that accumulates while you wear it. Every quarter, you’ll automatically receive a new set of badges, along with a pre-printed envelope for returning the previous badges for analysis. Our service includes analysis, personalized reports with results archiving, data management, and technical support.

  • No-hassle service - no account maintenance or set-up fees
  • 24/7 Access to your secure online results
  • A printed reply envelope to return badges
  • Automated reports sent with your exposure history automatically updated - simply login to MyAccount to view your comprehensive reports and make changes to your badges
  • Automatic renewal option