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These three words are central to everything ProEdge does. Yes, we test and treat dental water, but that’s not why we come to work every day. The team at ProEdge Dental Water Labs believes in protecting the welfare of dental professionals and the patients in their care. From start to finish, we assist each dentist, hygenist, office manager, or infection control coordinator to treat their dental water quickly, effectively, and repeatedly so they can focus on what they do best. We do this with award-winning products and the best customer service. Together, we promote health in dentist offices across the country.


We’re the most experienced dental water lab in the world and we want to share our research so you can be assured your patients are safe.

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Our products are backed by science and proven in practice. Learn how they can help you exceed CDC guidelines and achieve safe water.

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Whether you’re looking for product instructions, safety information, or sales literature, we’ve got you covered.  

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Get helpful insight and the latest research on dental unit waterline testing & treatment so you know your patients and practice are safe.

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Because it’s the only way to know your patients and practice are safe.

The truth is waterline maintenance is not easy. Just because you are implementing a waterline maintenance program doesn’t mean you have safe water. In fact, about 30% of practices that test their waterlines fail to pass. Both the ADA & CDC affirm regular testing is the only way to know if your practice has dental water safe enough for patient care. Once the results are in, our experts can help identify the problem and help your practice achieve passing results.

The Research Says It All

  • 61% of practices have at least 1 water sample that fails to meet the CDC’s 500 CFU/mL guideline
  • 30% of all water tests fail to meet the CDC’s 500 CFU/mL guideline

ProEdge Dental Water Labs wants to make sure every practice and every patient is safe. After testing dental waterlines well over 100,000 times, we’re the most experienced dental water laboratory in the world.

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How ProEdge Helps You Achieve Safe Water

The Most Experienced Dental Water Lab in the World

1. Simple & Accurate Testing

We provide you with everything you need to test your dental waterlines. It’s a simple, all-in-one process that gets you accurate results.

2. Free Expert Consultation

Once your results come in, our team will recommend the best options for your practice to achieve and maintain safe water.

3. Treatments that Work

Doesn’t that sound like a relief? Our experts will help you find and effectively implement the best water maintenance protocol for your practice.

4. Assurance with Regular Testing

The only way to be sure is to test regularly. Biofilms are resilient, but testing with ProEdge means you can feel secure knowing your water is safe.

Don't risk your patients, practice, or reputation

Safe water awaits

I've worked with ProEdge for five years now. Great people, easy to work with, and they offer great products. I'm very impressed with the company overall.

Chris O.

If you want to just get a test result that says it's clean, you can, but if you want a real result, you do what ProEdge suggests. And that’s what I want - I want to protect the patient.

Tamara T.

Waterline testing is something every practice should be doing. If they aren't, maybe they don't understand the severity or just don't want the extra step. But we want to go by the book.

Alexis A.

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NPR Article Shines Light On California Outbreak & What Dentists Can Do in Response

NPR Article Shines Light On California Outbreak & What Dentists Can Do in Response

  “When people go to the dentist, they generally expect to leave in better health than when they walked in.”   This opening line in National Public Radio’s article on the outbreak of dental mycobacterium infections in Anaheim, California says it all. It’s all about protection patients. Here’s the real problem: Mycobacterium abscessus is bacteria

California’s Dental Waterline Legislation AB1277: What We Know So Far

California’s Dental Waterline Legislation AB1277: What We Know So Far

First, Some Background: In September 2015 the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report titled “Infection control policies and procedures” outlining protocols to ensure water at dental clinics is free from harmful bacteria and safe for its patients. The report advised dentists and associated staff to consult dental unit manufacturers for appropriate


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